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Holland MoCA Filter. -70 dB Rejection

€3,37 (inkl. MwSt)
P/N: LPF-1002-70
Twoosk ID: TP022847


INLINE MoCA FILTERS Combo Wave Surge Withstand






Das Holland MoCA Filter. -70 dB Rejection (Part number: LPF-1002-70) der Marke Amphenol ist auf dem Twoosk-Marketplace erhältlich.


PCT’s InLine MoCA Filter is designed as a demarcation filter for homes utilizing MoCA network. The filter prevents MoCA channels from entering or exiting the home while leaving traditional CATV frequencies uninterrupted. With many devices communicating within the home, PCT’s inline MoCA filters ensure customer signals stay secure. PCT inline MoCA filters are installed at the main input inside the home and acts like a gate keeper ensuring the MoCA signals stay within the home network.

Advanced Features

  • High performance RF parameters including exceptional return loss and rejection
  • Sealed, solid brass contruction allows for indoor or outdoor installations
  • 6kV B3 Combo Wave surge withstand per ANSI/SCTE 81 2003
  • Patented PCT DSM® seizure technology (patent #6450836)
  • Provides increased spring retention for better surface contact, even after repeated entry, across mimumum to maximum center conductor diameters
  • Gold-plated, beryllium copper construction for better corrosion resistance, impedance matching, and prevention of common path distortion
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