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Wandmontierte Optische Distributionsbox ORM5

Marke: Micos







The Wandmontierte Optische Distributionsbox ORM5 (Part number: 85SP.00/0000F) from Micos is a Faserabschlussbox that allow connection between multiple operators and customers.

Lockable optical distribution box ORM 5/ORM 5 SIS is designed for indoor/outdoor wall installation at the customers' premises or as a separate pillar. The box is suitable mainly in FTTH network to terminate optical fibres on the internal/outdoor walls of the buildings mainly in suburban areas with lower household density (family houses, low household count residential buildings or offices). Additionally, the box can play the role of the floor distribution box in multidwelling units.


  • Simple wall installation or as a separate pillar
  • Easy access due to hinged removable cover
  • Lockable cover (optional)
  • Coverage degree IP 54
  • Gradual cable gland located in the lower wall for the cables with the outside diameters between 3 and 14 mm
  • Gradual cable gland located in the bottom for the cables with the outside diameters between 3 and 10 mm (for the wall through installations)
  • Pre-fabricated holes in the bottom for the wall through patchcord installation
  • 4 prefabricted holes for dividable bushing capable to seal up to 2 patchcords or heavy duty subscriber cables
  • Can accommodate up to 4× SC or 2× E2000, eventually 8× LC connectors and pigtails (UPC or APC polishing)
  • Splice cassette supporting up to 12 heat-shrink or crimp fusion splice protective sleeves or mechanical splices (up to 4 pieces).
  • Ready to accommodate Gas block for the microtubes with various outside diameters (5, 7, 10, 12 and 14 mm) at the input of the box
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