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72FO (12X6) Indoor/Outdoor Soft Tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.657.A2 Black

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72x SM G.657.A2 (12x6)

TKF Connectivity Solutions




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Product Description

The 72FO (12X6) Indoor/Outdoor Soft Tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.657.A2 Black (Part number: 79014) from TKF Connectivity Solutions with 72FO. Indoor/Outdoor fiber optic cable is prepared for both environmental requirements, indoor and outdoor optical networks, which can be run in duct, direct buried or aerial in the outside plant. By installing this cable, there's no need of costly splice junctions when entering into buildings because of the adaptability of the cable.

The range of Universal Soft Tubes (STC) cables has been designed for the construction of optical infrastructure networks for collection, distribution and supply. The light and robust dielectric structure in combination with a low coefficient of friction HDPE sheath allow its installation by pulling, blowing or carrying water in pipes, or on facades and between telecom poles (depending on climatic conditions) .


  • Ducts


  • Type: Singlemode 9/125
  • Fiber type: ITU-T G.657.A2
  • Maximum short-term traction (Tm): 2050 N
  • Elongation max. of fibers at Tm: 0.5%
  • Maximum long-term traction (Tl): 1100 N
  • Elongation max. fiber to Tl: 0.2%
  • Breakdown voltage: 6700 N
  • Minimum bending radius at installation: 220 mm
  • Minimum bend radius after installation: 110 mm
  • Short crush resistance E3A (1min): 3500 N / dm
  • Long crush resistance E3A: 2000 N / dm
  • Long overwrite duration E3A: 15 min
  • Impact radius: 300 mm
  • Resistance to torsion: 2160 ° / m
  • Kink resistance: 55 mm
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Product Specifications

Fiber Type (ITU)
OS2 G.657.A2
Fiber Count (FO)
Fiber per tube
Outer Diameter

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