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Optical Node (1 Fiber Deep Receiver Module, Gan Hybrid, 2 Active Outputs)

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Brand: Comtech
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The Optical Node (1 Fiber Deep Receiver Module, Gan Hybrid, 2 Active Outputs) (Part number: MO1004DF-XX-SA) from Comtech is a Optical Nodes. Optical node is a device that has a broadband optical receiver which translates optical signal coming from the headend or hub to an electrical signal for homes. Also, fiber optic node contains a reverse path transmitter that sends communication from homes back to the headend.

This optical node can contain 2 receiver and 2 transmitter modules and allow several configurations depending on the used CM module. First configuration is 2 fully independent nodes in a common housing with common powering and management to achieve cost-effective work in case of segmenting both signal directions. Second configuration offers redundant work in both signal directions. Partial segmentation can be realized with 1 receiver and 2 transmitter modules, while the fourth configuration is a standard node with 1 receiver and 1 transmitter. By changing the CM module the configuration of the device can be modified without high expenses. The MO1004 node is available with either for HFC or for Fiber Deep network optimized circuitry.


  • HFC networks
  • Aerial, cabinets


  • Downstream frequency range up to 1006 MHz
  • • Upstream frequency range up to 204 MHz
  • • Optional connection to Monitoring System
  • • GaN output stage
  • • Optional CWDM return path
  • • Automatic optical gain control
  • • Automatic ingress management by the RSW module
  • • Redundancy option


  • Frequency range DS: 1 GHz
  • Frequency range US: up to 204 MHz
  • Output number: 4 outputs
  • Return path wavelength: 1310 DFB, CWDM
  • Output RF level: 118/125 dBµV
  • Optical interface: Single fiber??
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