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Heat-shrinkable sealing oval port kit for loose tubes cables

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Brand: Optotec
P/N: 2500951
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The Heat-shrinkable sealing oval port kit for loose tubes cables (Part number: 2500951) from Optotec is a Sleeves. Sleeves are used for cable management, specifically to organize cables, optimize space and give protection from temperature changes.

Optotec sealing kits consist of heat shrinkable tubing made from high performance cross linked polyolefin coated internally with hot melt adhesive to give high mechanical and environmental protection. When heated with a standard gas torch, or similar heat source, the tubing shrinks to follow the shape of the outlets and cables to be protected. The hot melt adhesives or sealant flows to fill any cavities or surfaces to guarantee IP68 level of protection. Inside every kit are all the components to prepare and terminate all type of cables with diff erent constructions (see kit descriptions or contact our sales offi ce for more information).

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