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Antronix Milenium 1GHz Line Passives MGPIH-2000FC Power Inserter

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Brand: Milenium 2000
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Milenium 2000



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Product Description

The Antronix Milenium 1GHz Line Passives MGPIH-2000FC Power Inserter from Milenium 2000 is a Coaxial Directional Couplers with an operating brandwith of 1.0 GHz . Directional coaxial coupler is a passive device used to split power between ports, basically it extracts a portion of energy from the main transmission circuit and redirects it to one or more coupled ports. This type of device is mostly used in the field of radio technology and usually has high isolation among the ports. Coupling directly impacts the insertion loss, thence be aware that the less coupled the ports, the lower insertion loss is.

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Product Specifications

Operating Bandwidth
1.0 GHz

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