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2-way Splitter Wideband 20dB Test Insertion Points

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Brand: Technetix
P/N: 11219801
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The 2-way Splitter Wideband 20dB Test Insertion Points (Part number: 11219801) from Technetix is a Coaxial Splitters with a coaxial loss of 20dB . Coaxial splittters divide the signal from a trunk line into equal portions to the outputs, so the amount of output ports on the splitter decreases the signal that comes into the splitter.

The WSP-122/TTI-DC is a passive wideband splitter which combines two inputs/outputs into one common port. There are two 20 dB test insertion points (TIP’s) at the common port on the front panel and a 16 dB TIP at input/output port on the back panel. The die-cast WSP-122/TTI-DC unit is supplied with F connectors for the RF ports and BNC connectors for the test and insertion point at the common port. The insertion point at the input/output port is supplied with an F connector.

EN Class A screening The shielding performance of the WSP-122/TTI-DC meets Class A requirements (EN 50083-2 2006) over the whole frequency range from 5 MHz to 1006 MHz.


As the width of the unit is 3.5 TE, 24 can be fitted into a standard 19 inch rack.


  • Frequency range 5 MHz to 1006 MHz
  • Three test / insertion points
  • Cassette width 3.5 TE
  • Complies with EN Class A screening requirements
  • Complies with RoHS directiv
  • 128.2 x 70 x 17.5 mm
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