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6-way Coaxial Tap 12.5dB-17.5dB Ecoline Loop Through 7dB

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Brand: Technetix
P/N: 10430408
Twoosk ID: TP023505
Ships From: Veenendaal, Netherlands (900 Units)

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The 6-way Coaxial Tap 12.5dB-17.5dB Ecoline Loop Through 7dB (Part number: 10430408) from Technetix is a Indoor Coaxial Taps with a coaxial loss of 7dB . Coaxial taps are low-loss devices that work better with unequal lenght cable runs since it sends a fixed amount of signal. This way, the tap attenuates the signal by applying different amount of loss to each output port, so that when are used different cable lenghts, the output keeps the same to all cables.

The Ecoline+ series of Splitters & Taps have been especially developed to meet the needs of the European market and distinguishes itself from any other range in the business. With the Ecoline+ a new standard of splitters and taps has been set fully equipped with several innovative technologies. The products within the Ecoline range excel both in electrical and mechanical performance. It is a really complete series, containing all housing types that could be found in the previous Ecoline and Ruby-line series. It has an easy to install design with a compact housing of which some models are stackable. All F-connector contacts meet the SCTE standards (ANSI SP 406-1998) and are of unequalled quality. The material of the inner spring has been designed especially for connecting coax cables with an inner core of 0.56 to 1.30 mm, even when varying thicknesses are connected after each other.

The intermodulation performance, which is an important factor in high level return path signals, has been greatly improved through a newly developed ferrite and specially designed circuits. The high frequency shielding exceeds Class A requirements (CENELEC EN-50083-2:1998) over the whole frequency range from 5 MHz to 1000 MHz.

Modem Safe is a highly effective surge protection solution for sensitive network and in-home CPE. Based on passive circuits, the technology does not rely on discharge tubes, extending the lifespan of the solution. •Blocks high and low voltage pulses and unwanted DC voltages •Prevents internal ferrites within the product from becoming magnetized (avoiding deterioration in the performance of CPE) •Drives fewer reported faults •Improves customer service •Reduces truck rolls

CPD (Common Path Distortion) is well known for producing signal interference on networks. It is caused by electrolytic corrosion or the oxidization of dissimilar metals when in close contact. CPD Safe technology protects against CPD. •Removes a primary cause of CPD •Reduces signal interference on the network •Drives fewer reported faults •Reduces truck rolls •Improves customer service


For indoor use; Housing Type


  • 6-way tap
  • Cenelec Class A screening effectiveness
  • NiSn plated housing, silver plated phosphor bronze F-contacts
  • High return loss
  • Excellent intermodulation distance, ModemSafe secured
  • SCTE compliant F-connectors
  • Easy to install, compact and top-sided model
  • 132.3x49.2x37.9 mm
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