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LC/UPC Fiber Optic Adapter Duplex w/ Flange 1pc SCFP SD Metal Straight Split Violet

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Brand: Senko
P/N: 988-3S72-N
Twoosk ID: TP024008
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Product Description

The LC/UPC Fiber Optic Adapter Duplex w/ Flange 1pc SCFP SD Metal Straight Split Violet (Part number: 988-3S72-N) from Senko is a LC/UPC Fiber Optic Adapters.

The 988 Series LC adapters from Senko offers LC Duplex and Quadruplex adapters with SC Footprint Style symmetrical design, allowing to use the LC Adapter in a SC panel and double the density. Singlemode and multimode LC adapters come with a choice of flange or no flange type or of zirconia ceramic or phosphor bronze split sleeves (including zirconia diagonal split sleeves for PC and APC applications).


  • Telecommunications
  • Network Monitoring
  • FTTX


  • Premium One piece housing design/no welding point
  • Telcordia, ANSI, TIA/EIA and IEC Compliance
  • High precision alignment with zirconia sleeve or metal sleeve
  • Built in panel mounting plate
  • Dustproof (keeps adapter’s interior clean from dust)
  • Provides eye safety by attenuating laser light when the mated connector is removed
  • Complete SC footprint
  • You can see the visible light through the adapter
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Product Specifications

FO Connector Type 1
FO Polish Connector 1
Adapter Style
Full Flanged

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