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EAP Copper Telecom Cable 404 Pair 36.3mm LDPE Jacket Black
(Reel of 889 m)

€10,267.95 (€11.55/m)
€12,424.22 (VAT incl.)
Total Stock: 1 Reel (889 m)
Brand: Cablescom
P/N: EA310304104040SNO
Twoosk ID: TP025492
Ships From: Zaragoza, Spain (1 Reel)
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Product Description

The EAP Copper Telecom Cable 404 Pair 36.3mm LDPE Jacket Black (Part number: EA310304104040SNO) from Cablescom is a Copper Telecommunications Cables.


  • These cables are used as distribution or connecting cables between areas. The installation may be either in ducts without pressurization or
  • directly buried.


  • Diameter: 0.41mm;
  • weight: 1875kg/km;


  • Conductors: Annealed copper, diameters of 0.40, 0.51, 0.64 and 0.91 mm.
  • Insulation: Solid HDPE.
  • Cabling elements: Pairs.
  • Lay-up: Up to 26 pairs into layers. Cables over 26 pairs in units of 25 pairs.
  • Filling compound: Petroleum jelly.
  • Core wrapping. Dielectric tape longitudinally applied with overlap.
  • Screen. Longitudinal aluminium tape coated with PE copolymer applied with overlap and bonded to the outer PE sheath.
  • Sheath: Black PE, UV resistant
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