Why use twoosk?


  • Cash your overstocks
  • Reduce warehouse space
  • Refocus your resources


  • Unbeatable lead times
  • Access a global network of suppliers
  • No binding contracts

Why we exist

We are a marketplace that aims to be the worlds’ reference for matching opportunities in B2B.

We work every day to create a trustfully environment that induces business opportunities fostering a win-win approach to all partners, being interdependence the way to manage our work.

twoosk believes in making a difference. We prevent the waste of resources by finding new owners for stocks unused that are no longer needed.

In our marketplace, we link companies with overstocks with who needs them in the shortest possible time. Fast, smart, simple, efficient.

Our Story


  • - We defy the status quo and we never settle in our obsession for doing simply better.
  • - Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities to boldly solve difficult challenges.
  • - We are passionate to ignite the drive of our people to take ownership and make the call.
  • - We are fans of simple is more.
  • - We orient our energy to where we can make an impact.
  • - We believe that our quality is measured by the results delivered.
  • - We preserve honesty and transparency in all our actions.
  • - We promote an open-minded mentality, where persons are encouraged to challenge ideas and contribute for a better result.
  • - We treat the others as we want to be treated.
  • - We like who thinks big, it takes the same time and your team creativity is unleashed.
  • - We have a clear orientation for speed. The momentum is all in business and decisions must be made fast, we prefer to reverse sometimes than facing the cost of inaction.
  • - We nurture creativity from the most diverse perspectives.
  • - We behave as owner of the business, assuming personal accountability by our business goals.
  • - We are perseverant and accept nothing than the highest standards in the service provided.
  • - We are committed to fuel our company growth and passionate for the success of our network of partners.