About Twoosk

Know more about Twoosk B2B marketplace story, how we work and how you can become our Partner.

Who we are?

Twoosk is a B2B Marketplace focused on matching opportunities between telecom companies with excessive stock and people who need a specific product with fast deliveries. It’s a win-win situation that also promotes a circular economy in the telecommunications sector, as it avoids the waste of resources.

Due to our expertise in telecom and circular economy, we detected that millions of euros were being wasted for no reason. With a team familiarized in delivering innovative solutions to telecom operators and contractors all over Europe within the past 20 years, gaining more and more world class Supply Chain expertise, we found a solution that connects in a smart and efficient way the excesses of inventory with those who need them fast. In our B2B Marketplace you will find thousands of products of well-known brands, the result of unused overstocks. This is why we built twoosk, a simple way of finding products within seconds and getting them delivered as fast as possible, saving time, money and resources.

What sets us apart?

Twoosk provides access to a global network of stocks, regardless of your telecom network technology, helping buyers to easily get what they’re looking for, with fast delivered lead-times and without complications.

We show this in a transparent way by bringing together different brands, prices and locations.

You can also count that there will be a real person on the other side, offering a personal customer support service:

What brands can I find here?

We couldn’t be a global network of stocks without having a range of brands that are well-known in the sector, right? If you have been in the sector for a while, you know that we are in a client service centric industry with a high level of subcontracting. In order to get a network going you need to distribute the product to several locations and to several partners. This often leads to misplacing and excess of inventory that later is not used.

Every manufacturer, regardless of the sector, also has stock heaping in the warehouse. This can be due to production batch breakdown, customers who drop orders, or even forecast accuracy errors.

We are curating the availability of the best brands in each technology, so that our customers can find all they need to construct and maintain their networks and clients’ premises in one place.

Which payments methods are accepted?

The Marketplace has the following methods of payment available: Bank Transfer, ATM and Credit Card.

All payments on the platform are processed by Stripe, one of the best known payment gateway platforms.

Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

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Where are our warehouses located?

Our warehouses are located all over Europe and also, with some partners, in China and the USA. The world is our playground and we are growing.

In December 2019 we counted over 25 partners in 11 countries. We have made deliveries to countries such as Germany, France, Lebanon, Dubai, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Finland, Cyprus, Austria and the United Kingdom. On our page of offers and product details you can find the location of each stock.

How do we handle transportation?

In order to achieve our commitment of fast delivery, we work together with the most reliable transport partners. We are growing this network according to the needs of customers who buy on the marketplace.

Each buyer has the possibility to choose transportation, from Ground to Express Service, to satisfy the customer and to reduce the lead time needed.


What warranties do the products have?

Our passive items are unused and most of them have their full manufacturer warranty, being the longest of the legislation in vigor and the product specific warranty.

The stocks that are offered by contractors no longer stand the original manufacturer warranty, but Twoosk provides a functionality warranty of 1 month. If the products do not work according to specifications, we will replace them or return the payment.

The refurbishment of active equipment’s warranty is assured by the best in class repair centers offered by selected partners. The warranty might go from 3 months up to 24 months, according to conditions negotiated between the seller and the buyer.

For more details please consult the Terms & Conditions of the Marketplace.

How do I sell in the marketplace?

As sellers, you can refocus your commercial team and leave the long tail burden to us. We will help you to reduce your warehouse space and cash your overstocks by expanding your reach to a global network of buyers.

For more details please consult Sell on Twoosk Page..

For more details please consult the Terms & Conditions of the Marketplace.

14 Days Returns

14 Days Returns

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Fast Delivery

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Safe Shopping

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