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Know more about our story, how we work,
and how to buy or how to sell telecom products in a specialised marketplace.

Telecom Marketplace

Twoosk is an online platform specialised in telecommunications that aims to aggregate knowledge and provide valuable services to the professional sector.

Within the marketplace, the user will easily find a wide range of telecom equipment, compare products and easily discover and request quotations to new providers. At the same time, it is a new and specialised sales channel for companies from all sizes that will allow them to have immediate access to new markets and new customers. Twoosk is also a source of information, providing the latest news and trends in the telecom industry.

Everything happens in one single place, saving time, money and ensuring a safe experience.


Specialised Marketplace

Get immediate access to new markets. A new channel to buy and sell all kind of network equipment.


Save Time

Discover a simplified transactional channel, available 24 hours/day and 365 days/year.


Save Money

Adapt your budget to your needs in a unique and risk-free marketplace.


Safe Shop(ping)

Certified platform by “Trust Ecommerce Europe”, that guarantees a safe shopping experience.

What Can I Do at Twoosk?

Compare and Buy Telecom Products

Find all the telecom products in one single place.
At Twoosk is easy to make your research of products from all technologies, compare them, contact new providers and get what you need, adapting your budget to your needs.

Buy on Twoosk

Create a New Sales Channel

Have immediate access to new markets and increase your client's portfolio, by creating your own sales, with no limitations in what comes to product uploading. With low investment, you will be able to start selling in a specialized marketplace.

Sell on Twoosk

Monetize Excessive Stocks

Overstocks are spread in the distribution channels, with money invested in long tail and products heaping in the warehouse. Monetize your excessive stocks and optimize cash-flow with no marketing, payments or shipping hassles.

Sell Overstocks

What brands can I find here?

We couldn’t be a global network without having a range of brands that are well-known in the sector, right?

We are curating the availability of the best brands in each technology with the overstock products, so that you can find all you need to construct and maintain your networks.
If you have been in the sector for a while, you know that we are in a client service centric industry with a high level of subcontracting. In order to get a network going you need to distribute the product to several locations and to several partners. This often leads to misplacing and excess of inventory that later is not used.
Every manufacturer, regardless of the sector, also has stock heaping in the warehouse. This can be due to production batch breakdown, customers who drop orders, or even forecast accuracy errors.


payments methods

The Marketplace has the following methods of payment available: Bank Transfer, ATM and Credit Card. All payments on the platform, except Wire Transfer, are processed by Stripe, one of the best known payment gateway platforms. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.


How do we handle transportation?

In order to achieve our commitment of fast delivery, we work together with the most reliable transport partners. We are growing this network according to the needs of customers who buy on the marketplace. Each buyer has the possibility to choose transportation, from Ground to Express Service, to satisfy the customer and to reduce the lead time needed.


We care about you

Twoosk provides access to a global network of telecom equipment, offering a new sales channel to those who need to sell their products into new markets and helping buyers to find what they’re looking for regardless their telecom network technology. We show this in a transparent way by bringing together different brands, prices and locations.
You can always count that there will be a real person on the other side, offering a personal customer support service:

Mission & Story

Twoosk aims to facilitate the daily complex activities of professionals of the industry, by joining them in one single platform, offering tools and valuable information with an online platform focused in the telecom sector and aggregate knowledge and services to telecom professionals, in one single place.


Get insights from the Sector

Get a new specialised source of information made for the telecom industry. Explore Twoosk blog and be updated about what is happening in the sector, know more about telecom equipment or see some tips for professionals.

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