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What is twoosk?

Twoosk is an online platform specialised in telecommunications that aims to aggregate knowledge and provide valuable services to the professional sector.
Within the marketplace, you will be able to easily find a wide range of telecom products.
Twoosk is also a source of information, providing the latest news and trends in the telecom industry.
Everything happens in one single place, saving time, money and ensuring a safe experience.

Why Buy On Twoosk?

SpecialiSed Marketplace

The specialised marketplace will help you to get all the telecom equipment you need in an easy way, by  joining all telecom product suppliers in one platform. There, you will be able to negotiate with them and compare several products from all technologies in a simple way.

Twoosk Specialised Marketplace
Twoosk Save Time

Save Time

Benefit from immediate deliveries and a simplified purchase process, in a marketplace opened 24h/day and 365 days/year. All the products available in Twoosk are already produced, which makes possible to ship them as soon as you request.

Find all the information you need, by comparing products and prices in one single place. Also, if you have a big project, negotiate with suppliers is possible by asking for quotations directly in the marketplace.

Save Money

See all telecom equipment from a variety of suppliers, that offer different prices to the same type of products, which will help you to compare them in a fast way and to choose the best options that fits your budget. Also, time is money and all products from Twoosk are ready for immediate deliveries.

Twoosk Specialised Marketplace
Twoosk Save Time

Safe Shop(ping)

Twoosk is a certified platform by “Trust Ecommerce Europe”, that guarantees a safe shopping experience, by using the most well-known payment methods and partnering with the most reliable logistic companies to ensure that delivery times are met.

Don’t know how to start? The customer care team is committed to give you support whenever you need.


How Will Twoosk Help Me to Find Telecom Products in an Easy Way?

By having access to a network full of telecom product suppliers, from all technologies, you will be able to make your research, compare and choose the products that best fits your needs, in one single place. Also, you can count with the fast deliveries, since all products at Twoosk, are ready for immediate delivery.

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What Will I Find on Twoosk?

Find all the products you need, regardless of your technology.

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Interested in News and Trends from the Sector?

Get a new specialised source of information made for the telecom industry. Explore Twoosk blog and be updated about what is happening in the sector, know more about telecom equipment or see some tips for professionals.

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You don’t need to be registered to access to the marketplace, however by creating an account on Twoosk, you will have access to your private dashboard, where you can see your latest purchases, save your information, get all of our special offers directly in your mailbox and more!