FTTx Optical Distribution

Optical distribution is directly related to Optical Distribution Network (ODN), which is an indispensable path for the transmission of passive optical network data. Here you will find a wide range of optical distribution equipment to improve your network.

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) 

Optical Distribution Frame is a passive device that is used to organize the optical fiber cable connections. It not only provides cable interconnections between facilities but can also work as a protection to avoid the damage of optical fiber connections. 

Optical Closure 

Optical closure or optical termination boxes are products that connect and distribute optical fiber cables with high IP. A typical application of optical closure is to splice fibers from a distribution cable towards drop fiber connections to end users. A dome optic closure is used in aerial, wall-mounting applications, for the straight-through and branching splice of the fiber cable. An in-line optical closure is spliced in-line with the network feeder cable and it is suitable for many locations, for example on the side of a building, in hand holes below ground or hung on a strand between poles.  

Indoor Terminal Box 

Indoor optical fiber terminal box is generally suitable for indoor use and has the purpose to interconnect the horizontal network with the vertical network of a building. It doesn’t need a waterproof structure, so the softness is better, bending performance. 

Nokia Siemens Networks Portugal, S.A.
Building Distribution Box Indoor 12FO NSN

Multi Operator Box

The multi operator distribution box is made to be installed in buildings and to distribute optical fiber to the end users via different telephone operators. It has two different areas: the operator side and the user side. 

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