FTTx Patch Cords

Patch cords are a type of cables that have two connectors on both ends. Fiber patch cords can come in simplex (1 fiber), duplex (2 fibers) or in MPO (12 fibers). Here you will find a wide range of optical path cords to improve your network: E2000, SC/APC, FC, LC/PC and SC/PC.


E2000 connector is commonly used in the communication field because of its very good stability and because it does not easily degrade. Twoosk solely uses original connectors manufactured by Huber+Suhner or Reichle & De-Massari. 


SC is a optical fiber connector with a square plastic body. It has a really good performance and it’s mainly used for FTTH networks. It is light weight and cost-effective features enable different applications of SC optical fiber patch cords. APC is polished with an 8-degree angle that allows a lower back reflection and less degradation than the other polish types. 


FC is a metal connector typically used for utilities companies (energy sector). The tip of this connector is polished to produce a rounded surface, called “physical contact polish”. 

LC/PC and SC/PC 

LC/PC and SC/PC is normally used for data centers. LC is a smaller version of SC since a LC duplex connector equals to a SC simplex connector. So, by using a LC duplex instead of a SC simplex, the capacity of the distribution boxes increases. Just like SC, LC it has a square plastic body and it is becoming very popular because of the low price and the little space it occupies. It has a PC polish type which is dome shaped at the end of the ferrule, that helps to maximize the signal being transmitted and lower the return loss.

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