Coaxial Connectors

Coaxial connectors or coax connectors are situated at the ends of coaxial cables and are used to connect coaxial cables to other devices. Technically there are two different connector formats, male and female. Male connectors have a solid pin for a center conductor, while female connectors have a center conductor with a hole in it to accept the male pin. Depending on industry and intended applications, there are several varieties of coaxial cable connector types, like BNC, TNC, 7/16 DIN, QMA, MCX, RCA, but all of them are designed to maintain the shielding across the connection. Find a lot of equipment below.


Drop coax connectors are used to connect coaxial cables to other devices. They are mostly used to connect to the client. Here you’ll find available male and female drop connectors. 


Hardline coax connectors are a type of connectors that are used for long distances ≥ 300-400 feet. They are designed to handle the challenges of today’s digital cable networks including: transfers of high speed data and performance beyond 1GHz.

565 Female Coupling

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