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Optical fiber cables contain one or more optical fibers made of glass, that transfers digital data signals in the form of light. The optical fibers are coated with an outer jacket, that is made of a strong and flexible material, usually polyurethane or PVC, along with a Kevlar protection. There are 2 types of optical fiber cables, Single Mode Fiber Cable (SMF) and Multimode Fiber Cable (MMF). Single Mode carries higher bandwidth than multimode fiber and so it is advisable for bigger distances. Multimode gives you high bandwidth at high speeds, but works better at medium or short distances.

Underground Duct 

Conduit cables are underground cables, that may be conducted by duct or buried directly into the ground. There are several types of protections for this cable such as anti-rodent or double protection. Conduit cables are built to withstand harsh environments and are typically routed by pull or blow.   

- €1.92 (30 %)
- €0.50 (32 %)


ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) optical fiber cable is a non-metallic cable that supports its own weight without the use of lashing wires or messenger cables. The installation is achieved in a single pass, making ADSS an economical and simple way of building an optical fiber network.  

- €0.72 (31 %)
- €0.70 (32 %)


The micro duct cables have low mechanical protection with smaller diameters, so they can be installed in micro ducts. They are flexible, easy-to-handle and its installation is made by blowing.    

- €0.91 (29 %)
- €0.09 (34 %)


A Riser cable or backbone cable is a cable that is run between floors in non-plenum areas. Riser cables are used for vertical tray applications such as cable runs between floors through cable risers or in elevator shafts. These cables must prevent the flame from traveling up the cable. In Europe, these cable’s installation must comply with the specific CPR.

- €0.25 (32 %)
- €0.44 (32 %)
- €0.20 (32 %)
- €0.29 (32 %)

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