Monetize your excessive stocks in a telco specialised marketplace.

Start Selling Your Overstocks

What Are The Os Business Services?

The OS Business Services are offered to Partners with stock connecting them with companies who need it fast, in a smart and efficient way.

This is complementary sales channel to expand the reach of well-known brands directly to Installers, whilst releasing sales teams efforts for the current portfolio of products & clients.

We Will Take Care Of Everything

Monetize Your Stock

Brokers solve the problem, but they pay less than 5% of its value. We help companies to get 10 times more than what a broker would pay.

Get An Alternative Sales Channel

Reach new clients at a fraction of the cost need to maintain a dedicated sales team. Focus on your business, salespersons do not have time for long tails.

Access To A Global B2b Network

Specialised telecom marketplace transversal to technologies with a curated worldwide professional community.

The Values Behind This Proposal

Sustainability & Circular Economy

80% of companies have obsolete stocks or overstocks and most of it will end up in dumpsters. Overstocks are spread in the distribution channels, with money invested in long tail and products heaping in the warehouse.

The Overstocks Business gives a new life to overstocks by matching opportunities and avoiding the waste of resources.

Sustainability & Circular Economy
Immediate Delivery

Immediate Delivery

Most stocks are ready for picking and available for delivery.

With warehouses located all over Europe, Asia and soon also in USA, Twoosk partners with the most reliable transportation companies to offer worldwide deliveries and ensure the promise of fast delivery.

Transactional Platform

After running several researches, we found out that many companies in telecom sector, struggle to find the right product and get it on time for a reasonable price, considering this as their major pain of sourcing.

To address this, Twoosk has built a powerful platform, certified platform by “Trust Ecommerce Europe”, a simple way of finding products within seconds and getting them delivered as fast as possible, saving time, money, and resources.

Transactional Platform

Give A New Life To Your Overstocks

We will we promote your products to other companies who are struggling to get them.

Everything happens in one single place, saving time, money, resources and ensuring a safe procurement experience. It´s a win win situation!

Join Other Well Known Brands

The Os Business Service Model In A Movie

Meet Maria and Jan, you will probably identify yourself with one of them…

Don´t Let This Happen!

Monetize your overstocks and optimize your cash-flow!