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Twoosk - Inventory Management S.A. is responsible for the processing of data entered on the website to fulfill the purpose that led you to submit your personal data. By providing your information on the website, you are explicitly consenting to the transfer of personal data to twoosk for the purpose of executing your requests. 

Twoosk is aimed at the Business-to-Business segment and, in this sense, all data requested from users are professional data (company name, title, telephone and email). 

1. Data collection 

Twoosk only collects personally identifiable information specifically and voluntarily made available by users of the website. 

Twoosk receives other types of limited information such as name, function, company address, address, email address and phone number of the website users. Identification information is generally collected for the following operations: 

  • Register in the Marketplace; 
  • Request for additional information and request for contact; 
  • Sending of orders; 
  • Resume submission. 

Demographic information, including gender and occupation, is not usually required but may be submitted when a visitor responds to an online job application. 

The collection of information should be limited to the needs and requests of the user. In cases where non-mandatory information is requested, the website visitor will be notified at the time of data collection.

Visitors can also send emails through the website. Each message will include the user's name, company name and email, as well as additional information that the user deems important to include in the message. 

Excluding cases provided for by law, the processing of personal data relating to philosophical or political beliefs, party or trade union membership, religious belief, private life, racial or ethnic origin, as well as the processing of health and life data is expressly prohibited. including genetic data. At no time is the request or encouragement of the collection of sensitive data. If you voluntarily make them available, twoosk will not be liable for your treatment under this policy. 

2. Use of personal data 

The sending of personal information on the website by users may take place in the following formats: 

  • Processing of online purchases and sending of orders; 
  • Request for publications; 
  • Submission of curricula or information on previous work; 
  • Participation in groups sending newsletters, discussion forums or messages; 
  • Contact our team for additional information; 
  • Quick visits, market studies or benchmarking; 
  • Registration for events, conferences, lectures, training actions; 
  • Registration for other online services. 

The information obtained by the website is used exclusively for the purposes envisaged at the time that information is collected. If it is necessary to share this information for other purposes, consent will be requested in advance to the owner. 

If the visitor considers that excessive information has been collected or wishes to exercise the right to forget, we request that you contact us at 

Except for the e-mail address lists described above, where visitors explicitly choose to receive advertising from twoosk or other materials, Twoosk will not use the personal data collected on our websites to promote unsolicited marketing activities unless requested and filled in. field with their consent. 

3. Sharing of information with third parties 

Twoosk reserves the right to disclose or share information to third parties only in the following circumstances: 

  • When required by law, through judicial notification, search warrant or other legal procedure admissible; 
  • When explicitly requested by the holder; 
  • When necessary for the delivery of publications or reference materials required by the holder; 
  • When necessary for the organization of conferences or events carried out by third parties and requested by the holder; 
  • When the service contracted by the holder requires the subcontracting of other services by twoosk. 

The Twoosk website does not save or collect personally identifiable information for the purpose of advertising, promotion or sale to third parties or sending emails on behalf of third parties. 

4. Third-party links 

Visitors may access other websites through and should be aware of their privacy policies that differ from those of twoosk. Whenever the visitor accesses other websites, twoosk's privacy practices and policies do not apply. Visitors are advised to review all websites' privacy policies before providing any information and personal identification. 

5.  Cookies and file logging 

The twoosk website uses cookies. By entering this website and accepting the Privacy Policy of the website and cookies, you agree to the use of cookies by twoosk. 

Cookies are small text files sent by the websites you visit that are stored on your computer. They are widely used for the operation of websites or to increase their efficiency as well as to provide information to their owners. 

Twoosk uses cookies to collect information about how visitors use your website.  

We use the information to create reports and to help us improve the website. Cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors, the websites they come from, and the pages they visit. 

Visitors to our website use different query programs and different computers. In order to make your queries as easy as possible, with the technology you are using, we automatically record the type of query program (such as Microsoft Edge) and operating system (Windows, iOS) used by a visitor, as well as the name domain of the provider of your Internet service.  

We also collect the total number of visitors to our website, collectively, to enable us to update and improve it in the most productive way; in this process no identifiable personal information is extracted. This data allows us to know if there are more visitors preferring certain functions or areas, thus helping us to keep our website up to date and interesting for most of our visitors. 

Cookie technology helps us deliver content tailored to the interests of visitors. Websites that offer online purchase possibilities use cookies to record and process the items on your purchase card. Whenever authorized, we may associate personal information with a cookie file in such circumstances. 

5.1 Non-use of Cookies by the user 

 In accordance with applicable law, we provide information that enables you to configure your browser to manage and maintain your privacy and security with respect to Cookies. In this regard, we provide information and links to the official web sites of the main browsers so that the user can decide whether or not to accept the use of Cookies. 

Types of cookies used: 

  • Analysis Cookies 

They are cookies that allow us to know the use and performance of our site and to improve its operation. These cookies are the most used. 

  • Advertising Cookies 

These are the cookies used to display ads or send information tailored to the interests of the user on our site or outside our site while browsing the Internet. They are used to limit the number of times an ad is viewed and help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign 

Twoosk’s Active Cookies: 

The cookie settings can be changed in the preferences of the browser, following the instructions in the links: 



Internet Explorer 


For more information about cookies, including to know which cookies have been installed and how they can be managed and deleted, you can access If you do not want your site visits to be detected by Google Analytics, you should go to

It is understood that the user accepts the use of cookies if he continues browsing this page without first proceeding to deactivate it. 

6. Data storage 

Any information received through the website, such as emails received through the dissemination of newsletters or advertising, is not stored.  

Visitors' contacts, such as information obtained through access to certain areas of the website, will be stored for the time necessary to respond to requests for information received or until the user requests the deletion of such information.  

The information in the mailing lists, comment boxes, and emails is only stored for a period considered reasonable to process user requests. 

With regard to the sending of information for employment purposes, our human resources department deletes the curricula when they are no longer under consideration or when they are outdated. 

To navigate the twoosk website it is not necessary for the visitor to register. However, twoosk reserves the right to change this policy in the future. 

User identification information is voluntarily provided to twoosk through your registration on the website. If you wish to unsubscribe from email lists or delete any records, you should contact twoosk at 

7. Access 

All users have the right to change their personal data submitted on Twoosk's website. 

All questions regarding personal information submitted on the website or requests for removal of information should be directed to When so requested, twoosk will remove identifying information from current systems. 

Twoosk assumes the responsibility of keeping a strict record of the information provided by the users of the website. However, it is not responsible for checking the accuracy of this information. Whenever possible, and should you become aware that certain information collected through the website is not correct, you will make the appropriate changes based on the information provided by the authenticated visitor. 

8. Security 

Twoosk has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. All twoosk employees follow a network security policy. Only authorized employees have access to personal data, which are also linked to the duty of confidentiality and confidentiality. Twoosk uses internationally recognized web platforms and therefore, when used, transfers to them the responsibility to protect the information stored there. 

9. Use by private individuals 

The twoosk website is not intended for private use. It is neither the policy nor the intention of the twoosk to proceed with the collection and intentional processing of personal data of individuals. 

10. Use by minors 

The twoosk website is not intended for use by minors. It is neither the policy nor the intention of the twoosk to proceed with the collection and intentional processing of personal data of minors. 

11. Modifications 
Twoosk reserves the right to modify or amend this declaration at any time, so it is advisable to consult it at any time.