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OpDAT fix FO Patch Panel splice 12xLC-D (aqua) OM3 gray


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The OpDAT fix FO Patch Panel splice 12xLC-D (aqua) OM3 gray (Part number: 1502557712-F) from METZ CONNECT is a Fiber Patch Panels that allow connection between multiple operators and customers. Fiber patch panel is a passive device that is used to organize the optical fiber cable connections. It not only provides cable interconnections between facilities but can also work as a protection to avoid the damage of optical fiber connections.

In the area of patch panels for FO cabling, Metz Connect offers 19-inch housings for splicing on installation cables or for installing pre-assembled cables (VIKs). All available variants can be put together in our patch field configurator.


  • patch panel


  • 19 inch 1RU fiber optic patch panel for fixed installation, light aluminum construction with steel sheet front plate painted in RAL 7035, equipped with LC-D adapters, unused cutouts are closed by blank plugs, removable front plate for easy adapter mounting, screwed on cover for easy access during service work, installation depth 240 mm (without cable gland and coupler), several possibilities for cable entry on the back (fastening with PG13.5, PG16 and PG21 or M20 and M25), Semi-tight buffered fiber dia. 0.9 mm, 12 colors, secondary and primary coating in the same color, length 2.0 m, pigtails inserted and stripped in standard splice trays with crimp splice holders, pigtails are cleaned and plugged in couplers, Variants: equipped with 12 LC-D adapters, aqua (OM3)
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