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Alpha APX2 615G Non-Standby Power Supply

€377.89 (VAT incl.)
P/N: 016-550-28
Twoosk ID: TP007607

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Alpha Technologies




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The Alpha APX2 615G Non-Standby Power Supply (Part number: 016-550-28) from Alpha Technologies is a Power Supply Equipment . Power Supplies are devices that provide energy needed by an electric equipment to do their functions. It converts one voltage to a more needed one when delivering the power.

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Brand: Alphatec

Price starts at:300

The Alpha APX2 Series is designed for communication networks that require compact, non-standby power supplies. The Alpha APX2’s ferroresonant design provides fully regulated output voltage, surge and short circuit protection.

- Indoor and outdoor applications

- Complete line conditioning provides regulated, clean, reliable power

- Universal bracket allows for pole or wall mounting

- Current limited output and short circuit protection

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