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CATV End Outlet 2-260/D

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2-Port Wall-Outlet, RTV+Data




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Product Description

The CATV End Outlet 2-260/D from Tratec is a Coaxial Outlet . Outlets are a square shape box with one or more sockets. These terminal points of coaxial cables, are usually fixed to walls where they are next connected directly to the customer's television or cable box. They can be intermediate or termina. The intermediate taps keeps transmiting the signal to another room, while terminal taps terminates the instalation.

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Reference: TP007575

F > 40 MHz -1.5 dB/oct, with a minimum of 10 dB

Transfer impedance method according IEC 60728-2 (5-30 MHz) Absorbtion clamp method according IEC-60728-2 § 4.4 (30-1000 MHz)

Surge pulse at the input according IEC-1000-4-5 level 2 (1KV, 1,2 µS risetime, 50 µS duration)

Two carriers (50 & 55MHz), out to in, @ 120dBµV, before surge

Two carriers (50 & 55MHz), out to in, @ 120dBµV, after 10 pulses (25V/1,2µS rise time/500µS duration) at all ports

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