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FC-LC Fiber Patch Cord Simplex SM 2.0 mm 20m

€2.25 (VAT incl.)
P/N: P-FC-LC-9S3YT-20M
Twoosk ID: TP022877

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The FC-LC Fiber Patch Cord Simplex SM 2.0 mm 20m (Part number: P-FC-LC-9S3YT-20M) from KOC is a patch cord with / connector at one side and a / connector at the other one. Fiber patch cords are a type of cables that have two connectors on both ends. Optic patch cords can come in simplex (1 fiber), duplex (2 fibers) or in MPO (12 fibers). The connectors on both sides of the patch cord, allow it to be quickly connected to another device such as an optical switch or other telecommunications/computer device.

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