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4.3-10 Male Elbow Connector HPL50 1/2"Superflexible

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P/N: C2420X
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Product Details

ACOME HYPERCELL® RF System provides complete product range optimized for future network deployments, including feeder line connectors.

ACOME Hypercell




Product Description

The 1/2" superflexible HPL 4.3-10 male connector, elbow type, has a new plating, fitting both aluminium and copper cables. The 2-piece connector provides a fast easy and reliable assembly and waterproofing is ensured by 0-rings inside the body and silicon gaskets in the coupling nuts.

HPL 4.3-10 male elbow connector C2420X
Inner Conductor Silver - plated bronze
Dielectric PEI+PTFE
Body Copper alloy - plated brass
Clamping and Coupling Nut Nickel - plated brass
Clamping Nut Waterproof Silicone O-ring
Coupling Waterproof Silicone O-ring

Electrical Characteristics

Impedance 50  1Ω
Operating Frequency Band DC ~ 3GHz
VSWR (0~2.2 GHz) ≤ 1.10
(2.2~3 GHz) ≤ 1.135
3rd Order Passive Intermodulation, Measured In Swept Frequency Mode With 2 × 20W Carriers, F ≤ 1880 MHz ≤ -158 dBc
Voltage Test (at sea level) 2000 V eff / 50 Hz
Operating Voltage (at sea level) 1300 V eff / 50 Hz
Insulation Resistance ≥5000 MΩ
Contact Resistance
Inner contact ≤ 1.0 mΩ
Outer contact ≤ 1.0 mΩ
Mechanical & Environmental Characteristics Interface Durability >100 cycles
Temperature Operating -40°C / +85°C
Installation -25°C / +55°C
Storage -50°C / +85°C
Waterproof Index IP68
RoHS Compliance Yes

*For technical specifications please see attached datasheet.


  • Outdoor use
  • Cellular Telecommunications Networks


  • IEC 60169-54
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • 4.3-10 Interface
  • Superflexible
  • IP 68 waterproofing level (3 meters/ 3 hours)
  • Easy Operation
  • Excellent VSWR
  • Low PIM ensured
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