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The Hinged ODF ORMPV 2U (Part number: 8563.00/0000F) from Micos is a Fiber Patch Panels that allow connection between multiple operators and customers. Fiber patch panel is a passive device that is used to organize the optical fiber cable connections. It not only provides cable interconnections between facilities but can also work as a protection to avoid the damage of optical fiber connections.

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Part Number: 8563.00/0000F

Brand: Micos

The ORMPV hinged module patch panel is designed for placing 96-144 optical connectors in internal environment. The design of the distributor enables installation on a 19” rack.

- Max. capacity of 96xSC or 144xLC optical connectors

- Adapter holder SC, ST, FC, E2000, LC, SC DUPLEX

- Optical splice tray holder

- Optical fiber reserve placement

- Self-adhesive cable rings

- Easy assembly

- Installation on a 19“ base

- Possibility of rear fastening

- Side depth adjustable 19" mounting kit

- Height of 2U

- Cable entrance from the back or the side

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