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PREFORMED™ Lashing Rod (stranded splice) for bundled conductors 188

Twoosk ID: TP007531
Ships From: Odivelas, Portugal (Mainland)

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Apresa - PLP



Product Description

The PREFORMED™ Lashing Rod (stranded splice) for bundled conductors 188 from Apresa - PLP is designed for Anchoring cables on overhead lines, more specifically on ADSS aerial cables.

PREFORMED™ Lashing Rods are designed to lash bundled cables to a messenger cable or to bind together several insulated cables. They are made of galvanized steel, and in standarized lengths of 1.520 mm. and 1.830 mm., according to the characteristics of each case.


  • In the case of large spans several accessories may be used, one after the other, by taking the precaution of overlapping the ends by about 200 mm. so that there is no interruption in the uniformity of the installation.


  • Galvanized steel covered with neoprene latex
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