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Emergency Lighting Daxis

€4.66 (VAT incl.)
P/N: EA0100
Twoosk ID: TP008369

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The Emergency Lighting Daxis (Part number: EA0100) is a Energy - Accessories.

p> Consisting of 5LEDs. </ P> Its power consumption is less than 2W. </ P> It switches on automatically in the event of a power outage, being extremely useful at night as a signaling lamp or as emergency lighting. </ p> It works with a 3.7V Lithium battery. </ p> Can last more than 12 hours after the cut </ p> Technical Specifications: </ b> </ p> Voltage: AC110V | AC220V </ p> Lithium Batteries: 3.7V 850mA </ p> Power: <2W p> >

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