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Wall Mounted Optical Distribution Box URM SL 12 CM

€45.13 (VAT incl.)
P/N: 85RP.20/0000F
Twoosk ID: TP022942

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The Wall Mounted Optical Distribution Box URM SL 12 CM (Part number: 85RP.20/0000F) from Micos is a Fiber Termination Boxes that allow connection between multiple operators and customers.

The URM SL 12C / SL 12C M optical distribution box is designed for the placement of 12 optical connectors indoors and outdoors. The distribution box may be complemented by a bracket, which enables it to be post-mounted.


  • Maximum capacity is 12× LC (plastic holder) or possibility to install an aluminium adapter holder for 12× SC simplex
  • Integrated fibre management
  • + 1× KM3 splice tray for the placement of optical splices
  • 1× PG bushing for input cable
  • 6× Dividable rubber bushing 2× 1–3 mm
  • Use for fibers G.657 a,b
  • Lockable door
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