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MTeH Easy 24S/12C

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Brand: Micos
P/N: 85AX.00/0002F
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The MTeH Easy 24S/12C (Part number: 85AX.00/0002F) from Micos is a Fiber Patch Panels that allow connection between multiple operators and customers. Fiber patch panel is a passive device that is used to organize the optical fiber cable connections. It not only provides cable interconnections between facilities but can also work as a protection to avoid the damage of optical fiber connections.

MTeH EASY is designed as a simple distribution box for indoor installation. Is destined especially for FTTH networks. MTeH EASY can be used for storage of pre-connectorized cable or blown cable which can be spliced after request of the customer. It could be used as distribution point in small building facility, or as floor box.


  • Easy installation
  • Wide portfolio of accessories
  • Flat base with mounting holes
  • Space for cable reserve before connecting customer
  • Possibility to use the box for splicing or patching
  • Two positions for adaptor plate
  • Capacity up to 6× SC duplex, or 6× LC quad
  • Gradiated rubber gland for cable Ø 3–10 mm (on each side)
  • Breakable outputs on back side (connection through the wall directly to customer)
  • Possibility to use loop-through cable
  • Splice tray KM4 (max. capacity 24 splices)
  • 4× splice tray KM3 (max. capacity 48 splices for fibres G.657 a,b)
  • Possibility to place PLC splitter
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