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8-way Coaxial Outdoor Tap 20dB 1GHz Regal Style

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The 8-way Coaxial Outdoor Tap 20dB 1GHz Regal Style from Zinwell is a Outdoor Coaxial Taps with a coaxial loss of 20dB . Are typically used in CATV broadband networks outdoor. Coaxial taps are low-loss devices that work better with unequal lenght cable runs since it sends a fixed amount of signal. This way, the tap attenuates the signal by applying different amount of loss to each output port, so that when are used different cable lenghts, the output keeps the same to all cables.

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Product Specifications

Operating Bandwidth
1.0 GHz
Coaxial Ports
Attenuation (dB)
Coaxial TAP Style

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