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Redmere High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable 10m

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Redmere High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable 10m




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Product Description

The Redmere High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable 10m (Part number: MHY-HDME0-5) is a HDMI Cables. HDMI cables are being used most frequently in HD signal for transfering high definition audio and video over a single cable. This cable is more and more being used in homes, connecting devices such as digital TV or Playstation to the TV and now is also being used to connect other devices, like laptops and PCs to TV in order to transmit signal with high quality.

The Redmere High Speed HDMI with Ethernet Cable 10m is part of Ethereal MHY series for Audio/Video device. These HDMI™ cables are approved and tested which ensures a high quality repeatable connection. By adding the active Redmere technology, the HDMI™ Ethereal cables are able to provide a very high level of assured High Definition perfornance even in long distance installations, repairing the signal faults caused by copper cables. The Redmere active cable technology removes the distance roadblock by rebuilding the high speed data to a display readable quality.


  • Indoor use
  • Audio/Video systems
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