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2-way Coaxial Outdoor Tap 23dB 1GHz Regal Style

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P/N: RMT102 BC 23
Twoosk ID: TP011540
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RMT102 BC 23



Product Description

The 2-way Coaxial Outdoor Tap 23dB 1GHz Regal Style (Part number: RMT102 BC 23) from Regal is a Outdoor Coaxial Taps with a coaxial loss of 23dB . Are typically used in CATV broadband networks outdoor. Coaxial taps are low-loss devices that work better with unequal lenght cable runs since it sends a fixed amount of signal. This way, the tap attenuates the signal by applying different amount of loss to each output port, so that when are used different cable lenghts, the output keeps the same to all cables.

twoosk marketplace is selling off the 2-way 23dB 1GHz Regal Style Outdoor Tap from Regal.

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TAP Regal Style outddor 1GHz 2-way 23dB


Part Number: RMT102 BC 23

Factory installed Continuous Power Bus (CPB) for uninterrupted power and RF service when the faceplate is removed

2.5 kV surge resistance, ANS/IEEE C62.41-1991, Class B, 2500 V surge

12 amp current capacity improved

Superior EMI isolation characteristics and corrosion protection

Available in narrow- and wide-body housings

5 MHz to 1 GHz bandwidth capacity; low loss performance

Migration strategy allows the operator to upgrade network power capacity without the expense of replacing taps

Can upgrade from existing Regal taps simply by switching the faceplate.

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Product Specifications

Operating Bandwidth
1.0 GHz
Coaxial Ports
Attenuation (dB)
Coaxial TAP Style

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