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SC-FC Fiber Optic Adapter MM

P/N: 914-41117
Twoosk ID: TP023303
Ships From: Madrid, Spain

Product Details

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Product Description

The SC-FC Fiber Optic Adapter MM (Part number: 914-41117) from HellermannTyton is a SC/ Fiber Optic Adapters.

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twoosk marketplace is selling off the Optical adaptor MM SC-FCfrom HellermannTyton. The fiber adapters are used in order to join two connectors, generally located in a distribution panel or wall box. In most cases, this is one of the most critical parts of the system, due to the maintenance of the fibers in perfect connection and to the need to minimize any loss of performance.

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Characteristics & Benefits

• High performance adapters.

• Single mode and multimode versions.

• Compatible with HellermannTyton Fiber Panels.

 • Families: ST-ST, ST-SC / PC, SC / PC-SC / PC, LC / PC-LC / PC and 2xLC / PC-2xLC / PC.

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Product Specifications

FO Connector Type 1
FO Connector Type 2
Fiber Mode
Multi Mode (MM)

Configuration - Simplex

A Simplex configuration is a type of cabling arrangement commonly used in data centers and telecommunication networks. It consists of a single cable , terminated with a connector at each end. It is normally used in Half Duplex or Full Duplex data transmitions.

FO Connector Type 1 - SC

SC FO Connector is a type of fiber optic connector that uses a 2.5mm ceramic ferrule to align and connect optical fibers. Used in high-speed data communication networks. Provides low insertion loss and high return loss. The connector is easy to install and provides a secure, reliable connection for both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables. Its locking mechanism ensures a stable connection and the push-pull design makes it easy to connect and disconnect. The SC connector is commonly used in data centers, telecommunication rooms, and other high-density fiber optic installations.

Fiber Mode - Multi Mode (MM)

Multi mode fiber uses a LED or a VCSEL light source, is a type of optical fiber with a big core diameter that allows several rays of light to propagate. It is used in telecommunications and data transmission systems to transmit signals over small distances with high or medium attenuation and bandwidth to 10Gb/s. Multi mode fiber is ideal for medium-speed and small-distance applications, such as networks backbone and fiber to the desk in an enterprise network. Its large core provoques the dispersion of light, preventing signals to travel further and faster than with singlemode fiber.

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