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GigaLine splice box fix 19" 1 RU 24 LC-DX (plast/cer) multimode (aqua) OM3

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GigaLine Splice Box, 24LCD OM3, 19", 1RU, fix, Housing: Aluminium, Front: light grey, 24xLCD adapters, plastic/ceramic Colour of adapters: Light green (aqua), 48xLCS pigtail 50/125µ OM3, ready for splicing




BSF1 SMA 24SCSX 1 24 LCD PZ 53


Product Description

The GigaLine splice box fix 19" 1 RU 24 LC-DX (plast/cer) multimode (aqua) OM3 (Part number: LKD9D41A2320000) from KERPEN DATACOM is a Fiber Patch Panels that allow connection between multiple operators and customers. Fiber patch panel is a passive device that is used to organize the optical fiber cable connections. It not only provides cable interconnections between facilities but can also work as a protection to avoid the damage of optical fiber connections.

Fix fiber optic distribution panel for up to 48 optical fibers.Suitable for terminating with pigtails.


  • Front panel with 12 openings for equipping with 6 or 12 couplings.
    Front panel with 24 openings for equipping with 18 or 24 adapters.
    Unused openings are closed with blind plugs.


  • Housing for fix installation in 19" cabinets.
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