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DClink CP-housing 320 x 120 x 55mm whitewith gatefold cover brush strip grounding screwfür 2x 35TE oder 1x 7TE-modul

Product Details

DClink consolidation point housing, 320 x 120 x 55, whiteür 2x 3,5TE, fr 2x 3.5 HP or 1x 7 HP modules with 2 brush bars, grounding screw, gatefold cover




DC CP-GEHÄUSE 320 X121 X55, WS


Product Description

DClink consolidation point housing, long. Cover with latching mechanism, flap with hinge-joint for covering the connectors on the patch side. Front and rear side with brush strip.


  • For mounting in false floor, inserted ceiling or on wall. For 2x 3.5 HP or 1x 7 HP modules. Toolless instalation of modules. Mixing of FO and CU modules possible.
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