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48FO (4x12) Duct Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable SM G.655 Dielectric

€1.94 (VAT incl.)
Brand: Prysmian
P/N: 60023276
Twoosk ID: TP023377
Ships From: Maliaño, Spain

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Product Description

The 48FO (4x12) Duct Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable SM G.655 Dielectric (Part number: 60023276) from Prysmian with 48FO. Conduit cables are underground cables, that may be conducted by duct or buried directly into the ground. There are several types of protections for this cable such as anti-rodent or double protection. Conduit cables are built to withstand harsh environments and are typically routed by pull or blow.

The 48FO (4x12) Duct Fiber Optic Cable G.655 Dielectric Unarmoured from Prysmian is a Duct cable with 48 fibers within 4 loose tubes. This distribution cable for optical networks has a loose tube structure with thermoplastic material, containing optical fibres that is filled with suitable water tightness compound and a outter polyethylene with 2 ripcords. It has also aramid yarns as peripheral strenght elements. The glass fiber is reinforced with plastic rod (FRP), with plastic oversheathing when needed. The optical fibers comply with ITU-T recomendations G.655 allowing high bit rate DWDM systems in the long-haul and Metro environment. To minimize your chromatic dispersion compensation CAPEX and its properties comply with standard TeraLight® NZDS fibreTeralight® Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fibre (NZDSF) has set the standard for high bit-rate, multi-wavelength transmission. Its unique optimization of effective area, chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope enables excellent distortion management, cost-effective operation at 10 and 40 Gbps, tight channel spacing in C and L bands, compatibility with future S band and provides full compliance with the new ITU G.656 recommendation.


For outdoor use; Installation in ducts; TeraLight® is further optimized for long-haul applications. It supports 10 Gbps transmission without dispersion compensation for distances of about 200 km, resulting in cost savings compared to standard single mode fibre. For longer distances or 40 Gpbs operation, commercially available compensating devices can be used. The same fibre also supports short-length metro systems, providing additional cost savings.


  • Optical fiber;
  • Loose tube;
  • Standard TeraLight® NZDS fibre
  • Longitudinal Water Tightness;
  • Ripcords;
  • Diameter of cable 10,4 mm;
  • Weight 80 Kg/km;
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Product Specifications

Fiber Type (ITU)
OS2 G.655
Fiber Count (FO)
Fiber per tube
FOC Construction
Loose tube
Fiber Mode
Single Mode (SM)
FOC Type

FOC Construction - Loose tube

While using a loose tube construction in cables, you can:

  • Pull and stretch without causing fractures from bending or tension;
  • Have full resistant protection of the fiber core, cladding and coating (mechanical protection and UV protection);
  • Reach optimized performances at extreme temperatures;
  • Avoid the risk of environmental damage (including water damage).

The loose tube construction solution can be chosen for the following applications:

  • Direct buried;
  • Aerial;
  • Duct;
  • Rodent resistant;
  • Indoor and outdoor;
  • Water-blocking;
  • Temperature endurance.

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