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6FO (1x6) Indoor/ Outdoor Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable SM G.657.A1 Dielectric Armoured

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Brand: Prysmian
P/N: 60046051
Twoosk ID: TP023466
Ships From: Maliaño, Spain

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FVDA|UT|G1M1|6 1x6BX CDS-2429 VOD


Product Description

The 6FO (1x6) Indoor/ Outdoor Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable SM G.657.A1 Dielectric Armoured (Part number: 60046051) from Prysmian with 6FO. Indoor/Outdoor fiber optic cable is prepared for both environmental requirements, indoor and outdoor optical networks, which can be run in duct, direct buried or aerial in the outside plant. By installing this cable, there's no need of costly splice junctions when entering into buildings because of the adaptability of the cable.

The 6FO (1x6) Indoor / Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable G.657.A1 Dielectric Armoured from Prysmian is a Indoor / outdoor cable with 1 fiber within 6 loose tubes. This distribution cable for optical networks has a loose tube structure and a LS0H Flame retardant jacket outer sheath and fiberglass yarns as reinforcement and rodent protection reinforcement, allowing a high dielectric capability.


For outdoor and indoor use.


  • Optical fiber
  • Loose tube
  • Rodent protection
  • Dielectric armouring
  • LS0H sheathing
  • Weight 45 Kg/km
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Product Specifications

Fiber Type (ITU)
OS2 G.657.A1
Fiber Count (FO)
Fiber per tube
FOC Construction
Loose tube
Fiber Mode
Single Mode (SM)
FOC Type

Fiber Type (ITU) - OS2 G.657.A1

Each type of single-mode fiber has its own area of application, and the evolution of these optical fiber specifications reflects the evolution of transmission system technology from the earliest installation of single-mode optical fiber to the present day. Choose the right fiber is very important for each project/installation. The OS2 G.657 standard single-mode fibers were developed to allow a better bending radius regarding the G.652 standard. For the OS2 G.657 fiber there are 4 subcategories: G.657.A1, G.657.A2, G.657.B2, G.657.B3. The G.657.A1 fiber type is characterized by 10 mm minimum bending radius. These specifications of the G.657 fibers allow to have a better cost-efficiency due to compact cable designs and reduced space requirements.

FOC Construction - Loose tube

While using a loose tube construction in cables, you can:

  • Pull and stretch without causing fractures from bending or tension;
  • Have full resistant protection of the fiber core, cladding and coating (mechanical protection and UV protection);
  • Reach optimized performances at extreme temperatures;
  • Avoid the risk of environmental damage (including water damage).

The loose tube construction solution can be chosen for the following applications:

  • Direct buried;
  • Aerial;
  • Duct;
  • Rodent resistant;
  • Indoor and outdoor;
  • Water-blocking;
  • Temperature endurance.

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