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6FO (1X6) Air Blown Microduct Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.657.A1 De/Di 7/4 mm
(Reel of 4000 m)

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Total Stock: 1 Reel (4000 m)
Brand: Cablescom
P/N: EE7Z41A0000060CNO
Twoosk ID: TP035177
Ships From: Zaragoza, Spain
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Product Details

Outdoor Blown Micro-Cable 7/4 A-D(ZN)2Y (HT) 7/4




CT 6F 01T06F 7A1 P (2.5MM) M


Product Description

The 6FO (1X6) Air Blown Microduct Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.657.A1 De/Di 7/4 mm (Part number: EE7Z41A0000060CNO) from Cablescom with FO. Air blown microduct fiber cable is optimised for injection into microducts and is used in optical networks, more specifically for use in Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-Desk (FTTD) networks. This technique that is lower at cost, quicker and more environmentally friendly than traditional deployment, allowing a simpler instalation with less resources.

Micro optic-fibre cables designed to be rapidly installed by blowing in micro-ducts De/Di 7/4 mm. Cables used for medium or long distance telecommunications networks and designed with single mode type ITU-T G652D or G657A1 of 200μm.


  • By blowing in micro-ducts De/Di 7/4 mm.


  • Optical Fibre: Optical fibre according to ITU-T 652D or G657A1 (200 μm).
  • Central loose tubes: PBT loose tube filled with thixotropic compound.
  • Reinforcement elements: Water-blocking aramid yarns.
  • Outer sheath: Black HDPE, UV resistant outer jacket.
  • Diameter: 2.5mm
  • Nominal weight: 5.5 kg/km
  • Sheath marking: CABLESCOM - Num of fibres – Fibre type – Year/Month - Batch Number – Length Marks
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