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SC/PC Ferrule Simplex Single Mode (SM)
(Carton Pack of 200 units)

€176 (€0.88/Unit)
€216.48 (VAT incl.)
Total Stock: 1 Carton Pack (200 units)
Brand: Ensure
P/N: FER-01-01-10-00001
Twoosk ID: TP035578
Ships From: Kunshan, China
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Product Details

SC/PC Ferrule ,Concentricity 1.0





Product Description

The SC/PC Ferrule Simplex Single Mode (SM) from Ensure is a Fiber Optic Ferrules . Fiber optic ferrule is a passive device used inside the fiber optic connector to align and protect the stripped end of a fiber for optimum transmission of the optical signal. A ferrule is used together with the connector that connects the fiber cable either to another cable or to a transmitter or receiver.

SC/PC Ferrule ,Concentricity 1.0


  • Fiber Distribution Frame
  • Network Equipment
  • Fiber Module


  • Low Insertion Loss, High Return Low, Premium Quality, Custumization Available
  • Ferrule: ZrO2
  • Flange: Cu, Nickel plated

What's in the box?

  • SC/PC Ferrule Simplex Single Mode (SM)
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Product Specifications

FO Connector Type 1

FO Connector Type 1 - SC

SC FO Connector is a type of fiber optic connector that uses a 2.5mm ceramic ferrule to align and connect optical fibers. Used in high-speed data communication networks. Provides low insertion loss and high return loss. The connector is easy to install and provides a secure, reliable connection for both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables. Its locking mechanism ensures a stable connection and the push-pull design makes it easy to connect and disconnect. The SC connector is commonly used in data centers, telecommunication rooms, and other high-density fiber optic installations.

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