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24FO (2X12) Duct Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.657.A1 PE Anti Rodent Black

Brand: FCA

Product Details

Underground and duct fiber optic cables are outdoor network cables designed to be laid directly in the ground or in tele-technical ducts.


Z-XOTKtsd-CC2 2x12 A1 24J TFK


Z-XOTKtsd-CC2 2x12 A1 24J TFK


Product Description

The 24FO (2X12) Duct Central Tube Fiber Optic Cable OS2 G.657.A1 PE Anti Rodent Black (Part number: Z-XOTKtsd-CC2 2x12 A1 24J TFK) from FCA with 24FO and Anti Rodent construction. Conduit cables are underground cables, that may be conducted by duct or buried directly into the ground. There are several types of protections for this cable such as anti-rodent or double protection. Conduit cables are built to withstand harsh environments and are typically routed by pull or blow.

Fiber optic underground and duct cables are outdoor network cables designed to be laid directly in the ground or in tele-technical ducts. The cable sheath insulates the fibers inside, providing permanent protection against the damaging effects of climatic and mechanical factors such as increased temperature, crushing or flooding with water. The cable tubes are twisted around a central strength element, namely glass fiber, reinforced with two FRP rods. This reduces the risk of loss of transmission continuity and damage to the network, and the need for repair decreases as much as possible.


  • blowing, pulling


  • FRP glass fiber central strength element, fully dielectric cable, fiber color compliant to IEC 60304, singlemode 9/125µm fibers in G.652D standard, designed for air-blown installation, water ingress protection layer, low friction outer sheath, outer sheath made of HDPE
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Product Specifications

Fiber Type (ITU)
OS2 G.657.A1
Fiber Count (FO)
Fiber per tube
FOC Construction
Central Tube
FOC Protection
Anti Rodent
Jacket Material
Outer Diameter

Fiber Type (ITU) - OS2 G.657.A1

Each type of single-mode fiber has its own area of application, and the evolution of these optical fiber specifications reflects the evolution of transmission system technology from the earliest installation of single-mode optical fiber to the present day. Choose the right fiber is very important for each project/installation. The OS2 G.657 standard single-mode fibers were developed to allow a better bending radius regarding the G.652 standard. For the OS2 G.657 fiber there are 4 subcategories: G.657.A1, G.657.A2, G.657.B2, G.657.B3. The G.657.A1 fiber type is characterized by 10 mm minimum bending radius. These specifications of the G.657 fibers allow to have a better cost-efficiency due to compact cable designs and reduced space requirements.

FOC Protection - Anti Rodent

Anti-Rodent is a type of fiber optic cable protection designed to prevent damage from rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels. This protection is achieved by applying a special coating or tape to the cable, making it difficult for rodents to chew through the cable and cause damage. Anti-rodent protection is particularly important in outdoor and underground installations where rodents are common, and can help to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs.

Jacket Material - PE

PE (polyethylene) is a versatile jacket material that offers good protection against moisture, abrasion, and chemicals. It is highly flexible and has a low coefficient of friction, which makes it easy to install and handle. PE is also resistant to UV radiation and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making it a popular choice for outdoor and industrial applications. However, it is less flame-resistant than other materials, which may limit its use in certain environments.

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