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Cable Lubrificant GLISS WMM pail of 5 kg

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Total Stock: 200 units
Brand: Carima
Twoosk ID: TP037311
Ships From: Gessate, Italy
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Product Details

GLISS WMM water based hight perfomance gel lubricant






Product Description

GLISS® WMM is the ideal solution for power, telephone, and fiber optic cable installations. Say goodbye to 80% of friction-related issues with this innovative product. GLISS® WMM, engineered and produced by CARIMA, addresses challenges in the same fields as its lubricant counterparts in the series. Appearance: GLISS® WMM comes in the form of a thin white gel. The gel's water and glycol content serve as lubricants and vehicles for other specific lubricants, ensuring efficient cable installations. Its ease of application allows smooth spreading on vertically-installed cables without any dripping or lubricant loss. Traditional use involves applying the gel with a sponge onto the cable, followed by cable installation. As the water evaporates, a long-lasting lubricant layer forms on the cable, enabling seamless replacement or introduction of other cables in the same duct. No Glue Effect: GLISS® WMM boasts a non-glue effect, preventing the gel from turning into glue after water evaporation. This ensures cables won't stick to each other, enhancing overall efficiency during installations. Safety and Sustainability: GLISS® WMM is non-toxic, inert, bio-degradable, and non-flammable, prioritizing safety and eco-friendliness in cable installations. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of GLISS® WMM for cable installations. Optimize your projects with this advanced, reliable, and environmentally-friendly cable lubricant today!


  • Apply the gel with a sponge onto the cable; install the cable. The water will evaporate,
  • leaving a layer of lubricant on the cable.
  • The lubricant layer will stay on for a very long time, facilitating replacement or introduction of other
  • cables in the same duct.


  • Appearance: white
  • Odor: none
  • Viscosity: 26,000 cp
  • Specific gravity: gr/cm3 1 pH 7 neutral
  • Use temperature: -10 - +50°C
  • Toxicity: non-toxic
  • WGK 1: (according to 2000 German and British standards)
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