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Fiber lubricant S LUB 20 tank of 5 kg

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Brand: Carima
Twoosk ID: TP037316
Ships From: Gessate, Italy
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Product Details

S LUB 20 water based lubricant for fiber optic and blowing machine installation




S LUB 20


Product Description

Exceptional fiber lubricant designed for effortless fiber optical installations with blowing machines. Specially formulated for min and micro cables, this water emulsion comprises a unique blend of polymers, delivering a high-efficiency lubricant that dramatically reduces friction. S LUB 20 is a water-based product, boasting excellent lubricating properties that ensure smooth cable installations. Its white, slightly viscous liquid adheres perfectly to the cable surface or the internal surface of the pipe. With S LUB 20, you can rest assured as it leaves a thin film of lubricant without causing any glue effect. Product Use: Ideal for cable and duct prelubrication, S LUB 20 makes fiber optical installations a breeze. Experience seamless, friction-free installations with this water-based, high-performance fiber lubricant. Simplify your installation processes and achieve remarkable results with S LUB 20!


  • Shake the bottle before use, then put the product inside in the pipe. Then pre-lubricant the pipe with a little piece of sponge.
  • The product is also suitable for blowing machine with oil dispenser to lubricating the fiber during the pushing.
  • The S LUB 20, also can be useful to lubricate the fiber optic before or after blowing machine. It’s depend on the appliance with iron wheel or with rubber wheel.


  • Aspect: White liquid tiny viscosity
  • Odour: none
  • Viscosity: 120 sec. Ford cup diam. mm 4 at 20C°
  • Spefigic gravity: 1,030 +- 0,03 gr/cm3
  • pH : 7,5 +- 0,5
  • Inflammability: non infiammabile
  • Temperature: -5° + 70° C.
  • Biodegradability: il prodotto è biodegradabile
  • Toxic:The product is not toxic
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