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Fiber lubrificant S LUB 100XL bottle of 1 kg
(Box of 15 units)

€315.75 €268.35 (€17.89/Unit)
€327.39 (VAT incl.)
Total Stock: 14 Boxes (210 units)
Brand: Carima
P/N: VSLUB100XL1-15
Twoosk ID: TP037321
Ships From: Gessate, Italy
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Product Details

S LUB 100XL water based lubricant for fiber optic and blowing machine installation






Product Description

S LUB 100 is a special lubricant for fiber optical installation for min and micro cable for blowing machine cable installer. It’s a water emulsion of different kind of polymers. S LUB 100 is a water base product with high lubricant efficiently. It’s reduce dramatically the friction. S LUB is white liquid little bit viscosity. S LUB 100 adhere perfectly at the cable surface or at the internal surface of the pipe. It’s leave a very tiny film of lubricant and does not make the glue effect. Product Use: Cable and Duct Prelubrication S LUB 100 has the same base products of S LUB 10 but is much more performance due a specific additives very active in this field to reduce the friction. S LUB 100 is the specialized lubricant designed for seamless fiber optical installations with blowing machine cable installers. Crafted for min and micro cables, this water emulsion comprises a blend of unique polymers, offering superior efficiency in lubrication. With S LUB 100, friction is dramatically reduced, ensuring smooth and effortless installations. S LUB 100 comes in the form of a white liquid with a slightly higher viscosity, making it easy to work with. Its excellent adhesion properties allow it to perfectly adhere to both the cable surface and the internal surface of the pipe. The result is a thin film of lubricant, avoiding any glue effect that might hinder the installation process. Our product is ideal for cable and duct prelubrication, providing a seamless experience for fiber optical installations. S LUB 100, with its specific and active additives, outperforms S LUB 10 while sharing the same base products. Experience enhanced performance with this high-performance fiber lubricant. Elevate your fiber optical installations with S LUB 100, the ultimate choice for reducing friction and achieving remarkable results. Simplify your projects and ensure efficient cable placements with this top-tier lubricant. Make S LUB 100 your go-to solution for smooth and reliable fiber optical installations today!


  • Shake the bottle before use, then put the product inside in the duct. Then pre-lubricant the pipe with a little piece of sponge pushed by air compress. The product is also suitable for blowing machine with oil dispenser to lubricating the fiber during the pushing. The S LUB 100, also can be useful to lubricate the fiber optic before or after blowing machine. It’s depend on the appliance with iron wheel or with rubber wheel.


  • Aspect: White liquid tiny viscosity
  • Odour: characteristic
  • Viscosity 30 sec. Ford cup diam. mm 4 at 20C°
  • Spefigic gravity: 1,030 +- 0,03 gr/cm3
  • pH: 7,5 +- 0,5
  • Inflammability : non infiammabile
  • Temperature : 0° + 70° C.
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