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12FO low loss MPO-F/ LC Pre-Terminated Fiber Cables 9/125µm G652d 3.0mm 100m LSZH yellow

Product Details

Patchcord 12 fiber cable, low loss MPO-female-low loss MPO-female, 9/125µm G652d, 100m, LSZH, yellow

Fumo Communications LightLine





Product Description

Minitrunk 12xSM G652d yellow 3mm LSOH EuroClass Dca cable, pre-terminated with MPO female low loss - MPO female low loss, Polarity A, B or C All components of/and the final product are designed and tested to conform the requirements ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, EIA/TIA 568, IEEE 802, IEC 61754-07, 61754-20, ANSI/ICEA-596, IEC 60793, IEC 60794, IEC 61300-3-35, IEC 60331, IEC 60332, ITU-T G.651, Bellcore/Telcordia GR-409-CORE. All components are RoHS compliant and do not and will not contain any restricted hazardous substances as detailed in RoHS 2002/95/EC

What's in the box?

  • 1pc. trunk MPOF-MPOF-100m SM G652d
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Product Specifications

Fiber Type (ITU)
OS2 G.652.D
Fiber Count (FO)
Jacket Material
Outer Diameter
FO Connector Type 1
FO Connector Type 2

Fiber Type (ITU) - OS2 G.652.D

Each type of single-mode fiber has its own area of application, and the evolution of these optical fiber specifications reflects the evolution of transmission system technology from the earliest installation of single-mode optical fiber to the present day. Choose the right fiber is very important for each project/installation. The specification of the OS2 fiber is generally considered as the SMF standard for the single-mode fiber. For the OS2 G.652 fiber there are 4 subcategories: G.652.A, G.652.B, G.652.C, G.652.D.

The OS2 G.652.D single-mode fibers are the most used type of fiber for networking and communications applications. The OS2 G.652.D fiber type provides a zero dispersion at 1310nm wavelength therefor it is optimized for operation in the 1310nm Wavelength. The regular performance remains on the 1550nm wavelength.

Benefits of using the OS2 G.652.D fibers:

  • Backward compatibility with earlier versions;
  • Lower system cost;
  • Offers zero water peak and seamless splicing;
  • Lower splicing losses;
  • Supports longer cable runs.

Jacket Material - LSZH

LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) is a jacket material that is designed to limit the release of smoke and toxic fumes in the event of a fire. It is made without halogens, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe for human health. LSZH is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, making it suitable for harsh environments. It is commonly used in public buildings, transportation systems, and other areas where safety is a primary concern. However, LSZH may be more expensive than other materials, and it may have a lower temperature rating, which may limit its use in certain applications.

FO Connector Type 1 - MPO-F

MPO-F (MPO Female) FO Connector is a fiber optic connector that uses a multi-fiber push-on (MPO) interface. It features a rectangular ferrule with multiple fibers and is commonly used in high-density fiber optic applications such as data centers and telecommunications networks. The MPO-F connector is designed for use with ribbon fiber optic cables and offers low insertion loss and excellent repeatability. It is easy to install and provides fast and efficient connectivity for high-speed data transmission applications. The MPO-F connector is a reliable and practical solution for high-density fiber optic networks.

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