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Coaxial Cable Safety Class A LSZH Dca s2 d2 a1

P/N: DKT 22/99 ZH
Twoosk ID: TP025710
Ships From: Kirke Saby, Denmark

Product Details

Coax cable. 2,2/9,9-Ø12.7mm. 8.2dB v/862 MHZ, Halogenfree. 250m. Class A. 75Ω

DKT Comega

DKT 22/99 ZH




Product Description

The Coaxial Cable Safety Class A LSZH Dca s2 d2 a1 (Part number: DKT 22/99 ZH) from brand DKT Comega is a Coaxial Cables. Coaxial cable or coax cable are an indispensable element of Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network (HFC). It is a type of electrical cable that transmits radio frequency (RF) signals from one point to another. Usually the coaxial cable is made of 4 parts: copper core, dielectric insulator, metallic shield, and plastic jacket. There are a few types of coaxial cable with different uses, some are suitable for residences and others for commercial projects. .


  • The cable can be used in the field of application of the Construction Product Regulation (DoP) UE nr. 305/ 2011 for
  • the class of performance specified on the related product label.


  • Inner conductor of plain copper (Cu) Ø 2,20mm
  • Dielectric of physical foam polyethylene (PEG) Ø 9,90mm
  • Copper/Polyester tape longitudinally overlapped (Cu/Pet)
  • Water repellent sealing (dielectric) (Jelly1)
  • Braid of annealed copper wires (Cu)
  • Braid optical coverage (IEC 96-1) 55%
  • Tracer Identifier Year+Flag
  • Diameter over Braid 10,48mm
  • Outer sheath of Thermoplastic material - grey (RAL 7001) - halogen-free, low smok, flame retardant and UV-resistant (LSZH) Ø12.70mm
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Product Specifications

Jacket Material
Outer Diameter
Coaxial Network
Inner Conductor
Bare copper
Braiding Material
Annealed Copper
75 Ω

Jacket Material - LSZH

LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) is a jacket material that is designed to limit the release of smoke and toxic fumes in the event of a fire. It is made without halogens, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe for human health. LSZH is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, making it suitable for harsh environments. It is commonly used in public buildings, transportation systems, and other areas where safety is a primary concern. However, LSZH may be more expensive than other materials, and it may have a lower temperature rating, which may limit its use in certain applications.

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