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Fiber Optic Floor Box

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Brand: Optomer

Product Details

Shaft floor splice box





Product Description

The Fiber Optic Floor Box (Part number: MP-16D) from Optomer is a Fiber Termination Boxes that allow connection between multiple operators and customers.


  • Shaft joint MP-16D with a capacity of up to 12 splices for the client side, designed for making branches from a vertical cable in multi-storey buildings.
  • Variant with 1 culvert in the upper and lower wall of the socket, enabling vertical insertion of central pipes or cables.


  • designed to make branches from a vertical cable in multi-storey buildings
  • it has culverts that enable the installation of the sleeve on the previously installed vertical cable
  • works with a vertical pipe with a diameter of 26 mm
  • in the side walls there are two entries for the customer's cables
  • closed with a zipper


  • splices cassette
  • cable bushings
  • cable ties and ties
  • operating and assembly manual
  • mounting kit
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Product Specifications

Indoor / Outdoor
Splicing Capacity
Mounting Type

Mounting Type - Wall-mount

Wall-mount is a type of mounting system designed specifically for telecommunication equipment, such as routers, switches, and servers. It features adjustable brackets, cable management options, and sufficient ventilation to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the equipment. Wall-mounts are commonly used in server rooms, data centers, and other networking environments.

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