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Twoosk – The Marketplace for the Telco Pro.

The Telecommunications Marketplace

Twoosk is the global marketplace for the telecommunications sector, which brings together professionals from all over the world, enhancing and facilitating their digital journey.

Whilst the digitalization is increasing, it’s our mission to connect telco professionals and help them in the digital transformation of their businesses. That’s why Twoosk was created, to be the community where professionals can exchange information, products and knowledge.

With Twoosk, sellers will develop their businesses by increasing their awareness and digital footprint in new markets. Our platform connects them with hundreds of buyers, that look for the best solutions for their projects, helping them to save time lost with several phone calls and emails. Twoosk is the alternative to the traditional process, where it’s possible to do everything in one single place, anywhere, at anytime.

With Twoosk your Digital Journey is an easy task.


Telco Marketplace

Get a digital partner that helps you enhancing and facilitating your digital journey.


Save Time

Simplify your selling and buying processes and dedicate your time to strategic tasks.


Save Money

Be part of a platform that connects hundreds of professionals with solutions for the telco sector.


Safe Experience

Certified marketplace by “Trusted Shops” and “Trust Ecommerce Europe”, that guarantees a safe experience.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Create the marketplace for telecommunications profissionals where we aggregate information and valuable services to our community.


Be a catalyst for digital transformation development for telecommunications companies and their professionals.


We believe that to make change possible in our market we need to build a trustful ecosystem where our professionalism, vision, and innovation may help change how we do business.

With Twoosk we want to be the driver for telecommunication online purchase. Our goal is to be one of the catalyzers for digital transformation in the Telco space using new technologies, new processes, and data. We are preparing our market for the future way of doing business.

André Manteigas | CEO and Co-founder at Twoosk Marketplace

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With Twoosk it’s easy to find all telco equipment. You can make your research of products from all technologies, compare its prices, and negotiate with suppliers directly in one place. All the features in the marketplace were specially developed according to telco professional needs.

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Expand your online B2B presence in a professional Marketplace, engage with new or current customers, and simply sell your products worldwide! By creating your shop at Twoosk, you will create more awareness to your business and increase your client's portfolio.

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Find all the information and support needed at every stage of your digital journey at Twoosk. Check the most frequently asked questions and see detailed articles to clarify your inquiries and simplify your daily tasks.

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