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GW mission is to provide its customers with practical, efficient and simplifying solutions, contributing to the development of the Telecommunications sector, promoting a dynamic attitude based on Professionalism, Excellence and Value Creation. GW is a materials and solutions distribution company in the telecommunications area. With the favorable growth of this activity, the company had the concern of being at the forefront of technological development and easily adapted to the new demands of the market. Since the beginning of its activity, GW has invested in specialized employees with a solid background and experience in advising effective solutions. In an increasingly competitive world, GW intends to present a set of solutions developed together with its customers and partners to respond to the global needs of the customers, as well as to increase its portfolio of world reference brands, in the most diverse areas/categories within the telecommunications industry. Show more
Fibra Óptica
Splitters (10)
Latiguillos (160)
Rabillos Ópticos (26)
Interior/Exterior (9)
Interior (3)
Soplado (3)
Distribución Óptica
Cajas de Empalme (2)
Caja de Terminación Óptica (6)
Toma Óptica (2)
Casetes y cajones de empalme (4)
Conectores, Adaptadores & Atenuadores
Conector Fibra (3)
Adaptador Óptico (7)
Conducto (4)
Directamente Enterrado (4)
Adaptadores coaxiales (2)
Conectores Coaxiales
Conectores de Compresión (1)
Universal Tipo F (2)
BNC (6)
SMB | QMA | SMA (3)
Type N (1)
Tomas Coaxiales
Tomas Coaxial (1)
Radio Frecuencia
Cables RF (1)
Microondas (2)
Redes Estructuradas
Cables de Par Trenzado (1)
Cable de Red (21)
Rosetas, módulos y placas frontales (13)
Conectores & Jacks
Conector RJ45 (1)
Jack Keystone (26)
Jack Cassette (4)
Adaptador (11)
Centro de Datos
Marco de Distribución Óptica (ODF) & Sub-Racks (4)
Panel de Parche de Fibra (5)
Paneles de Conexión (35)
Accesorios & Herramientas
Energía - Accesorios (6)
Varios (3)
Equipamiento de Seguridad (3)
Engarzadoras (1)
Etiquetas de Identificación (225)
Limpieza (9)
Tubos, Cintas & Pegamentos (11)
Pernos, Tapones & Tornillos (9)
Cuerda de Alambre (1)
Anclaje y Fijacione
Anclaje (1)
Fijacione (1)
Accesorios de Ajuste del Cable
Organizadores de cable (6)
Mangas (4)
Grapas (4)
Abrazaderas & Fijadores (5)
Equipo Activo
Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
ONT (Optical Network Terminal) (5)
Equipos de Red
Transceptores (2)
LAN Inalámbrico (1)
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