Derivadores y Splitters Coaxiales

The tap device includes an output leg, leading to another tap. Coax taps have varied levels of attenuation, with the highest attenuation device installed first, gradually reducing the chain. Common places for coaxial tap use are schools and business environments, where multiple displays must be fed from a common signal source. Splitters are considered more as a dead-end device, where one signal is divided in different directions. Splitters are usually limited to four outputs to prevent excessive loss. It is important not to stack splitters, since this loss is additive. Here you will find great diversity of coax taps and splitters to improve your coaxial network.

Derivadores de Exterior (Tap Exterior)

Los derivadores de exterior se utilizan para conectar cables de bajada a un cable de distribución en entornos exteriores. Están hechos para soportar las diferentes condiciones climáticas y pueden ser de diferentes tamaños. Aquí encontrará derivadores para exterior de 2, 4 y 8 vías.

Derivadores de Interior (Tap Interior)

Los derivadores de interior se utilizan para conectar los cables de bajada a un cable de distribución dentro de los edificios. En comparación con los derivadores exteriores, estos son más pequeños. Aquí encontrará grifos de 1 vía, 2 vías, 3 vías, 4 vías, 8 vías, 16 vías y 20 vías para interiores.

Splitters o Divisores

A coaxial cable splitter is a device that is used in video transmissions and has the purpose to split cables and provide multiple outlets for one signal. Coaxial cable splitters usually come in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 way configurations.

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