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Jumper 1/2" SuperFlexible LSOH 100cm 4.3-10 Male-Male

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ACOME Hypercell




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The Jumper 1/2" SuperFlexible LSOH 100cm 4.3-10 Male-Male from ACOME Hypercell is a RF Coaxial Cable Jumpers. This jumper and has 1m . A a jumper is typically used to connect antennas and other components to network cabling. They are small and bendable cables which are also in base stations to connect antennas to radio units.

ACOME HYPERCELL® RF System provides complete product range optimized for future network deployments, incluiding jumper cables. The jumper 1/2" Superflexible LSOH with 4.3-10 Male interfaces, straight type, comes with a LSOH FR jacket and offers a low bending moment avoiding any mechanical stress. Soldered connectors to ensure low VSWR.


  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Cellular Telecommunications Networks


  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • Superflexible
  • LSOH Jacket
  • Fire Retardant Jacket
  • Low VSWR and passive intermodulation
  • 100% Factory-controlled

*For technical specifications please see attached datasheet.

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