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PREFORMED™ Service-Grip Dead-End 188 for bundled conductors

€1,35 (IVA incl.)
Twoosk ID: TP007528

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Apresa - PLP



Descrição do Produto

O PREFORMED™ Service-Grip Dead-End 188 for bundled conductors da marca Apresa - PLP é desenhado para Ancoragem cabos em linhas aéreas, mais especificamente em cabos aéreos ADSS.

PREFORMED™ Sevice-Grip Dead-Ends are designed to tension bundled conductors, and they are applied over the whole bundle. These accessories are made of galvanized steel covered with neoprene latex along the whole length of the parts attached to the bundle, so as to ensure a better distribution of the retaining force on the cable without risk of damaging it. It is recommended that a thimble be used inside the accesory´s retaining loop in order to protect the PREFORMED™ rods from possible abrasion damage produced by their rubbing against the retaining hardware. They are supplied with a colour code identification to help identify the size of the cable on which it is to be installed.


  • Outdoor use
  • Distribution & Low Voltage Lines


  • Galvanized steel covered with neoprene latex
  • Colour code Green

*For technical specifications please see attached datasheet.

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